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Vegetable and Chrome free vaquettes: our main items in the chrome-free leather line, with tanning based on acacia plant extracts or synthetic based on tannins and resins, provide items aimed at the footwear, bags and belts segment, for customers looking for a differential in its product, with increasing appeal to the biodegradable product and with less impact on the environment. In this category, we have finished and semi-finished leathers in the most diverse ways and for a varied range of use, developed for each customer in order to meet their expectations.


Soles, insoles, shoe linings, bags, artifacts and belts.


Form of Production

Our products are processed following the most demanding sustainability criteria, obtaining a tanned leather without the risk of presenting any internationally restricted substances. In addition, we have quality standards certified by internationally accredited laboratories, such as SENAI, CINCINATTI and BLC.

The sustainable process of hides, following the most specific criteria’s during the process since the fresh hides up to the finish leather, avoid to the environmental a discharge of thousand of tones of an organic material that if it´s not well care would create an heavy and dangerous impact at the environmental, changing the hide in a luxury and natural product.

Traceability and Origin

We work with suppliers from Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, South Africa and the Dominican Republic. All of them are certified by the LWG (Leather Working Group), that is, they have a rigorous traceability system, which makes it possible to track the raw material from its origin to the final article. This traceability offers control over the sustainable origin of the leather and its quality, which positively impacts the final product.

How we act

Our careful methodology in quality inspection starts at the time of order confirmation, going through registration, production monitoring, documentation and shipment.


100% of the skins are inspected and stamped by our team, before being shipped, thus ensuring for both the customer and the supplier that what was agreed upon at the time of the contract is actually being shipped. With this skin-to-skin spot service (inspection and identification) we ensure the tranquility and transparency of our mission: to deliver a final article with quality, knowledge and agility, which meets the expectations and requirements of our customers.

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