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About Gerber


With over than 20 years of know how , exclusively focus at leather market, Gerber is recognized for its personal service.

It´s locatted in Novo Hamburgo – RS – Brasil, birthplace of tanning industry in Brasil.

Acting as an international leather agency exporting hides and leathers for all over the world in the 5 continents. The precision and carefully inspection being done piece by piece as well as the fastness reaction and accurate  answers on all export process guarantee for the customers the best option as a purchase channel.


Highly qualify professionals at all phases during negotiation, searching and distinguish the sources of different products, following the most strict criteria during inspection and with an efficient solution at the shipping process, every point from Gerber guarantee to you that exactly what was booked will be received. With offices linked in Europe and Asia, we work during the hole day to build up success business and long terms relationship.

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