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Cow hides from Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Colombia, beside European hides and South African hides, complete our portfolio to attend the most variation range of customers and markets, from shoes and hand bags, up to small leather goods, upholstery for furniture or cars, with wet blues full substance or splited, hole hides or sides.

Crust in full grain or buffed for shoe upper and/or car or furniture upholstery  finish leathers with an especial focus on the range of waterproof leathers like Nobucks, Crazy Horse, Top Grain, Gore Test, floaters, linings, veg and chrome free leathers, sole leathers, belt leathers and hair on hides for shoe upper or decoration. 

The sustainable process of hides, following the most specific criteria’s during the process since the fresh hides up to the finish leather, avoid to the environmental a discharge of thousand of tones of an organic material that if it´s not well care would create an heavy and dangerous impact at the environmental, changing the hide in a luxury and natural product.

Leather With Fur

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